Welcome to Re:Confirm - an opportunity to grow into your faith by walking in the “basics”. It might be your first time with a lot of the concepts you’ll experience or maybe it will be a refresher for you after a lifetime of following Jesus. Either way, I am convinced you will hear or see something that gives you some new ideas for your own faith journey. Below you will see the modules available to you. We will be covering 5 areas: The Character of God, The Life of Jesus, The Mission and Life of the Church, Christian Practices, and how the Church can enter into current issues. We will get it ALL done by the next Palm Sunday where we will all celebrate your accomplishment and confirm your membership in our church. 

We encourage all ages to participate. Each lesson will have opportunities for adults and children to enter in. In regards to children, please go through Re:Confirm with a parent. That will be a rich experience for all. 

When you enter into a module, it will present with weekly emails (they will arrive on Tuesday) giving you the topic and a list of thought questions. I encourage you to find a journal where you can write or video or create art around your thoughts and experiences. How you respond to what the Spirit is teaching you is TOTALLY up to you. At the end of each module we will meet via Zoom (or a combination of Zoom and in-person) to share what we have heard with each other. But you can always reach out to me to chat about questions or thoughts that you are having. I LOVE that. 

I’m thrilled for your journey and bless you in it! 
Pastor Michael

Weekly Lessons for Module 1 can be found here:

Welcome to Module 2! If you have not completed Module 1, feel free to jump back in when your schedule allows.
Just like in Module 1, all you need is a computer (which is probably the one you are using now!) and your journal that you used in Module 1. You can use something paper or digital - whatever works for you. This is a process to deepen your own faith and unearth questions. Journaling is a great way to do that.

This module will introduce you to the Bible itself. There are almost as many views of what the Bible is and how to read it as there are people who read it. The videos below give you some amazing framework of what the Bible is - but they also let you know how they VIEW the Bible. I wonder if you can figure out their perspective? The goal is to give you some tools to help you know what is in the Bible.

Throughout the module, I’d love to hear about questions that come up for you or even your own forming ideas of how to approach these ancient words about God. No question is out of line. You can email me throughout the process at

Weekly Lessons for Module 2 can be found here:



GO AT YOUR OWN PACE! Most of the work is done independently. The videos are VERY accessible and the study guides are there for those who want something a little more robust do dig into. We will plan to meet at the beginning of each module and at the end. 
QUESTIONS AND DISAGREEMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED: Confirmation is a time to find your OWN faith. I will curate resources that I feel are fairly unbiased, but no matter what resource I choose (like the Bible Project for this module) everyone has their own lens by which they view the world. Feel free to explore things you’d like to explore in our weekly email discussions.<
TRY NOT TO RUN AHEAD! I know, I said go at your own pace, but just don’t outpace letting ideas take time to sink in before going on to the next.
HAVE FUN! This process is intended to be life-giving. The moment it feels like drudgery or if resources are just not connecting with you – please let me know. I might find other resources or encourage you to take a little break. This should always be joy for you.