Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden of Wilson Memorial Union Church

In response to an interest expressed by members of the congregation, a Memorial Garden was created in 1979 for the interment of ashes. It is a living memorial of simple and natural beauty where every season is a reminder of life’s eternal renewal.

Located on the south lawn adjacent to the Chapel, it is a site of quiet repose overlooking the lake. Flowering trees a
nd broad leaf evergreens surround an open grass area. A low section of stone wall and benches add to its air of reverence and peace.


The open grass area has been designated for the interment of ashes. A chart and record of the burial are permanently maintained in the files of the Church. The bronze tablet on the stone wall states simply, THIS GARDEN IS DEDICATED IN LOVING MEMORY OF: and the names with dates of birth and death are added. No headstone mars the beauty of the spot and the garden itself becomes the memorial.


The Memorial Garden is available for use by members, former members of the Wilson Memorial Church and congregation, and their relatives and friends of Wilson Memorial Church. A contribution of $400 for each interment includes a bronze nameplate for the Memorial Wall and assures reverent care as long as the Wilson Memorial Church shall exist.


The minister of the church is always ready to assist you.. Further information about the Memorial Garden may be obtained from the minister or trustees.
The Memorial Garden is a place of joyful memory and thanksgiving. Its quiet beauty speaks of life ­­- Life Everlasting!

Containers: Size should not exceed 7 ½ x 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches. Biodegradable containers are available and in keeping with the intent of the Memorial Garden.